Jeff Weinacht

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I have been in the fitness industry for 8 years now. I took my first job as a trainer out of college thinking to myself that this sounds like a really cool and fun job. Little did I know the impact that I could have on so many people’s lives. After working with Kristin for 2 weeks and seeing the smile on her face after she had lost 3lbs I knew right then that this was the career for me. At that point I realized this was so much more than a cool job. I could have a serious impact on a lot of people and that is what I have dedicated my career to. Teaching as many people about exercise and nutrition as I possibly can, so they can become who they want to be! When I am not at work I am attending as many St. Louis sporting events as I can. I have been the coach of the high school hockey team for 9 years now and still love working with the kids as much as ever. That is just a little about me, and my fitness journey so far I hope to meet you soon!


Josh Leckrone

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Through my own personal weight loss journey I fell in love with fitness and decided to become a personal trainer. I wanted to share my passion and experience with others who have the aspiration to become a better version of themselves. Whether it is helping someone lose 5-10 lbs or even seeing them through the journey of losing 100lbs or more. There is nothing more rewarding that helping people reach their fitness goals! When I am away from work I enjoy running and biking. I also have a wonderful wife and three children that make life everyday an exciting new adventure.