Individual Training

This is designed for people who are at the very beginning level of exercise and need some time to build their strength and endurance up before they decide to join a group.
Ex: Have not exercised in over 10 years

This is also for someone with a particular accommodation or an injury that needs 1 on 1 attention
Ex: Use a walker or cane or Recovering from knee surgery

Or if you just don’t quite feel comfortable joining a group. This is very common and totally understandable, it can be very difficult to walk in and talk about your exercise and nutrition habits in front of people you don’t know.

With individual training you can expect to receive an exercise program designed specifically for you with the comfort and privacy of being 1 on 1 with a trainer. With this training you will build up the strength and endurance to join a group if that is what you desire!

With all training you can expect to receive NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE