Small Group Training

I like to compare this to a happy hour with your friends only exercise is what is on tap! For those ready for a group this is a great option, you get the individualized workout in a group setting. The atmosphere of the group makes the whole experience more fun being around your friends or making new friends!

We do our best to group people together who are close to the same skill level and by personality. So if you don’t have a group, no worries, we can fit you in with a group who have, common interests and goals in mind.

A great benefit to the group is all the discussions that we have about food and exercise. It is nice to know that others out there are struggling with a lot of the same things that you are. The group setting allows for all that to come out and everyone come together as a team to achieve your goals!

The best part about the small group training is that it adds the element of Fun and Games along with team camaraderie to your workout and your life!

With all training you can expect to receive NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE